Infiniti Announces ‘Premium Care’ Package Covering 3-Years Of Regular Maintenance On All 2023 Vehicles


Infiniti today announced a new integrated maintenance program that will be included with all 2023MY vehicles delivered in the United States. Whether they’re leased or sold retail, vehicles with the program benefit from more dealer services for three years.

“We are thrilled to provide our customers with award-winning services,” said Craig Keeys, Group Vice President of Infiniti Americas. “Infiniti Premium Care is the next iteration of our promise to our loyal clients—to offer them first-class programs, further enhancing their ownership experience.”

The package includes three years of scheduled maintenance, including things like oil changes and tire rotations, inspections, brake fluid changes, in cabin air-filter replacements, tire road hazard, and car rental assistance, though that last feature will only be available on certain models.

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Participating dealerships may also offer Infiniti Valet with the service. That means that customers can have their vehicles picked up from or dropped off to their home or office to make getting it serviced even more convenient.

Infiniti is not alone in attempting to improve its customer service. Executives like Ford’s Jim Farley have recently stated publicly that, given the high price and reliability of modern vehicles, the retail model currently offered to American customers only makes sense if dealers are offering them more services. Competitors like Genesis, meanwhile, have moved to make their retail experience as convenient as possible, offering at-home services to customers who are interested, while startups like Tesla have eschewed the dealer model altogether.

Infiniti’s Premium Care program will be launched with the 2023 QX55, which arrives in showrooms this month. The service will be included with the purchase of every subsequent 2023 model year vehicle.

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