Agra’s mayor proposes celebration of city’s ‘birthday’


Agra’s mayor Naveen Jain has made a proposal to celebrate the city’s ‘birthday’.

A street in Agra (File photo)

Agra’s mayor Naveen Jain has made a proposal to hold a grand celebration on the city’s “birthday”. However, there is no established date for the city’s “birthday”. Jain said a nine-member team has been formed to find out the founding date of Agra, so a grand celebration can take place annually in the city on that date.

According to Jain, the team members will go to various localities of Agra to find out the founding date of the city. They will talk to historians and search for the date in history books.

After the exact date is established, programmes will be held in all the wards of the city and the grand celebration will be repeated annually as ‘Agra’s birthday’, said Naveen Jain.

The mayor said the nine members of the team have been selected from all sections of society and consists of historians and senior citizens. Apart from this team, the mayor also invited other citizens to offer their input on this topic. The report is to be filed within a month.

Meanwhile, Agra’s citizens are not so keen on the mayor’s project, with many calling it a futile exercise. According to them, Agra was not founded in a day and there cannot be an exact date of the city’s founding. They are of the opinion that the municipal corporation should first fix the problems prevalent in the city.

Many complained of dug-up roads, sewage spilling on the roads and irregular door-to-door garbage collection.

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