AIADMK’s internal dispute turns ugly leading to OPS’ walk of shame


The political drama in the AIADMK camp went on till the wee hours of June 23, with the coordinator of the party, O Panneerselvam (OPS), gaining a partial victory with a court order that restricted the general council from making a decision on unitary leadership. The day kicked off with celebrations at both OPS and E Palaniswami (EPS) camps.

While leaders backing EPS called him as the general secretary of the party, OPS’s men called him the successor to J Jayalalithaa, the former chief of AIADMK. Once the general council meeting began, it was a displace of chaos with slogans against OPS. Bottles were also hurled at the former chief minister for opposing the unitary leadership — an idea that is backed by many inside the party.

On Thursday morning, senior leader and MP CV Shanmugam declared that all the 23 resolutions, which were supposed to be taken up, were rejected by the council.

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“All 23 resolutions have been rejected by the general council. Now they have only one request and that is to bring unitary leadership. The general council shall be called again after including a resolution on unitary leadership. Then all resolutions will be passed,” KP Munusamy said.

Following this, CV Shanmugam presented a demand to Tamil Magan Hussain that the cadres were upset due to the lack of communication that was caused by dual leadership within the party.

“To fulfil Amma’s [Jayalalithaa] wish, a strong and clear unitary leadership needs to be created,” said Shanmugam. A demand for a special general council meeting was also put forth by the EPS supporters.

“Majority are now asking for unitary leadership which will be added [to the resolutions]. 99% of cadres want EPS as the sole leader,” AIADMK leader Jayakumar said.

The OPS camp then staged a walk-out. OPS, who is also the treasurer, did not present the party accounts for the financial year, a tradition that has been followed for the last 50 years.

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“This morning, the division bench said that the 23 resolutions must only be taken up. But other resolutions are made and it is contempt of court. They have rejected the 23 resolutions. Greed for power and dictatorship was reflective during the meeting,” said Vaithyalingam.

“What happened today is totally undemocratic. They did not follow any principles and rules. No one can sideline OPS within AIADMK. Lakhs of supporters are with OPS. He can never be sidelined. They went totally against the agenda,” said JCD Prabakaran, backing Vaithyalingam’s claim.

Reacting to the rift within AIADMK, Tamil Nadu CM and DMK chief MK Stalin said that the party that wanted to decimate DMK has now been wiped out.

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