Congress has no moral right to talk about corruption, says Karnataka CM as PayCM campaign intensifies


Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Friday said that the Congress has been involved in scams at every step and has no moral right to lecture on corruption. The CM’s backlash came after Congress intensified its campaign targetting Bommai with ‘PayCM posters’ put up in public places in the state.

Talking to the media at the conclusion of a 10-day joint session of the state legislature, CM Bommai said, “Let Congress do whatever it wants. Ultimately, truth will triumph. The attitude of talking without any evidence will not last long. A detailed reply has been given to the corruption charges levelled by the contractors’ association.”

“They think that repeating will make it a truth, but that time has gone. People know the truth. The association wrote a letter one year ago. A piece of evidence must be given along with a small complaint,” he added.


Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday ordered a probe after ‘PayCM’ posters with the CM’s image surfaced in Bengaluru. The posters, which resembled advertisements of electronic wallet, Paytm, had an image of CM Bommai’s face in the middle of the QR code with the message “40% accepted here”.

The posters were put up by the Congress, which stepped up its attack on the ruling BJP, over the alleged 40 per cent commission rate charged by the government in awarding public works contracts and government recruitment. The QR code will take the user to the ’40 per cent Sarkara’ website that was launched by Congress recently for citizens to file complaints against government corruption.

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Reacting to the ‘PayCM’ posters, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the campaign is to tarnish his and the state’s image.

A contractors’ body had recently levelled bribery charges that contractors had to pay a 40 per cent commission to get public works contracts, an allegation strongly denied by the government.


CM Bommai said that the former Speaker of the state legislative assembly, KR Ramesh Kumar, had admitted that there were many scams during the previous government. “Two office-bearers had spoken about corruption in the party and the same had been shown on news channels. But the Congress is silent on this,” he said.

“Ramesh Kumar had openly said that they were at the mercy of Congress. He said that through the party, they had amassed assets that would last them three generations,” said Bommai. Dismissing Congress’s claims that the BJP was not ready for a discussion on corruption, Bommai said, “We are ready for a debate.”


The chief minister said the Congress must bring out in public whatever evidence they have in a debate and not engage in ‘hit and run’ politics. “Leader of Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah must tell everyone who has given a 40 per cent commission,” said Bommai.

Bommai alleged that the contractors’ association was a Congress-sponsored body and hence they knew well that there was no substance in the accusation. “The government is ready to conduct an inquiry if a formal complaint is filed,” said Bommai.

He said several issues were discussed during two weeks of the joint session of the state legislature and hundreds of replies had been given. All lawmakers were apprised of the flood situation during the session.

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