Eight trains to get AC First Class, AC II tier coach from September


The Southern Railways will augment eight trains with one AC First Class cum AC II tier coach from next month.

The trains are No. 16603 Mangaluru Central – Thiruvananthapuram Central Maveli Express (from September 23), No. 16604 Thiruvananthapuram Central-Mangaluru Central Maveli Express (from September 24), No. 12602 Mangaluru Central- Chennai Central Mail (from September 25), No. 12601 Chennai Central-Mangaluru Central Mail (from September 28).

Train No. 22638 Mangaluru Central- Chennai Central West Coast Express (from September 27), No. 22637 Chennai Central-Mangaluru Central West Coast Express (from September 26), No. 16630 Mangaluru Central – Thiruvananthapuram Central Malabar Express (from September 29) and train No. 16629 Thiruvananthapuram Central – Mangaluru Central Malabar Express (from September 30), according to a release from the Palakkad Division of the Southern Railway.

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