FIFA 23 release date for PC, Cover stars, Closed Beta, and everything revealed so far


As EA has previously confirmed, FIFA 23 will most likely be the series’ last installment. The developers aim to make it the best game in the franchise, and they have made a number of modifications using new and improved hardware that will undoubtedly improve the game’s quality. EA has revealed the release date for FIFA 23, and speculations of a closed beta have begun to circulate among the community.

Fans anticipate big things from the approaching release of FIFA 23, which has generated a lot of enthusiasm over the past several weeks. Some of the newly added features and changes to the gameplay’s essential concepts have already been shown off by EA Sports. Old-gen functionalities are unknown, but current-gen users will undoubtedly enjoy the game.

FIFA 23 release date for PC, PS4, PS5, and all the major Platforms

Whether it be for consoles like the PS4, PS5, Xbox, or for PC, FIFA 23 will be out on the same date on all platforms. The official release date for FIFA, according to EA, is September 30, 2022. The game’s Standard and Ultimate Edition pre-orders are currently available on PlayStation, the Epic Games Store, and other networks.

What is the expected start date for the FIFA 23 closed beta?

The closed beta is anticipated to start on August 11 based on the official release and beta launch dates that have previously happened for the prior games. Before the FIFA 23 official release date, the beta will give users a chance to experience the game and its new features firsthand.

Cover stars in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 will feature two cover stars – Chelsea’s Sam Kerr and Mbappé. Since Kylian Mbappé is clearly one of the top attackers in the world, he will appear on the cover of FIFA 22. Fans would indeed be happy to have him once again.

A new dribbling system, a smoother segue to shooting, acceleration dynamics, improved player intelligence, and many more improvements are all in reserve for fans.

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