Karnataka government bans Popular Front of India’s protests


A video has emerged from UP’s Bhadohi district where BJP leaders can be seen getting into an altercation and assaulting a toll booth worker after the toll barrier fell on one of the leader’s cars. The CCTV footage shows an entourage of cars passing through the toll booth without stopping, however after the first car drove past, the barrier fell down the second car which was following the first car.

After the barrier fell on the second car, the entourage of cars stopped and men from both the cars charged toward the toll booth. In the video, the men can be seen first having a dialogue and then escalating it into a beat-up and assault of the toll booth worker. According to reports, the Badohi constituency’s MP, Ramesh Bind, is involved.

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यूपी के भदोही जनपद में भाजपा नेताओं ने टोल कर्मी को मारा, सांसद रमेश बिंद सहित दर्जनों नेताओं ने की मारपीट|
बताया जा रहा है कि टोल प्लाजा से जबरदस्ती निकलने और चार पहिया वाहन पर बैरियर गिरने को लेकर हुई मारपीट pic.twitter.com/1ba7iAolLo

— priya singh (@priyarajputlive) September 22, 2022

The video from the CCTV camera has enraged many social media users as Twitter users came forward and highlighted to the honorable Chief Minister of UP that there are BJP workers who are causing hooliganism and have tarnished the image of the government due to such misbehavior in the state.

The Twitter user also added that similar incidents also transpire in UP’s Bareilly as well where some youths are committing hooliganism under the protection of BJP workers. Whereas the police are silent and overlooking the issue.

Another Twitter user sarcastically opined that the incident which escalated in UP’s Bhadohi district’s toll booth was fair as it keeps reminding the people who the MP of the area is, sarcastically implying and highlighting the misuse of power by the people in authority being a trend.

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ठीक भी है समय समय पर पिटाई भी जरूरी है नहीं कौन जानेगा की कौन संसद/विधायक है

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माननीय मुख्यमंत्री जी को निवेदन के साथ अवगत कराना चाहूँगा कि प्रदेश में ऐसे दुर्व्यवहार से भाजपा कार्यकर्तागण सरकार की छवि धूमिल करने का संकेत दे रहे हैं।बरेली में भी भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं के संरक्षण में युवक गुंडागर्दी कर रहे हैं पुलिस मौन है।

— Munish Gupta journalist (@MunishG63042318) September 23, 2022

A video of similar nature came to light from Nashik’s Pimpalgaon toll booth where a fight broke out between two women over the toll fee charge. The fight was intervened and stopped by another women employees who were wearing a blue dress.

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