Tiger sighted in agriculture fields in Adilabad


ADILABAD: A tiger was sighted in the agriculture fields on the outskirts of Dhanora village in Bheempur mandal in the Adilabad district on September 21.

People of the surrounding village, especially farmers, were panicked. Frequently, tigers are migrating into the border forests adjoining River Penganga in Adilabad district and returning to their original habitat after some time.

Forest officials are making efforts to ensure the migrating tigers enter the Kawal Tiger Reserve and settle there. Tiger movement was also noticed in Gollaghat village in Bheempur mandal, locals claimed.

Farmer Vittal of Dhanora said the villagers saw the tiger chasing a ‘Manubothu’ at a distance. The scene was existing but it scared the villagers. He sighted it when he had  completed agriculture works in his field and left for home along with agriculture laborers.

Dhanora village and agriculture fields were on the other side of Thippeshwar Tiger Reserve and River Penganga flowed by dividing these two places. Many farmers have stopped going to their agricultural fields as they were panicked over the tiger movement.

Forest staff visited the place, collected the tiger pugmarks and asked the farmers and villagers not to venture into the outskirts and return to their homes before dusk.

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