Workers take bath in IIIT Basar kitchen, video goes viral


ADILABAD: A video clip which shows two workers taking bath inside the kitchen of one of the three messes on the Basar IIIT campus went viral on social media, sending shockwaves among the students and parents as well.

It is said that some students passing by noticed the workers taking baths in the kitchen in the evening of August 3. The students say that some mess workers are using the kitchen as a restroom and are bathing and washing their clothes with water available in the kitchen.   

When the issue came to the authorities’ notice, they closed the matter by just issuing notices to the mess contractor. It is learnt that the video was circulated by the junior students and might be shot in their mess.   

Students have been expressing concerns time and again over poor sanitation in the messes and on the campus and the frequent incidents of food poisoning. A senior student responding to the issue said it was not a new thing on the campus but the first time someone had filmed the incident.

Generally, workers take bath before they start cooking early in the morning every day in the messes and there was no possibility for someone to see such incidents.

It seems that students were able to shoot the video when the workers were taking baths in the afternoon on August 3. It is learnt that a screenshot of the video was posted on Twitter tagging the Telangana Governor and top political leaders of the Opposition parties and IT minister K.T. Rama Rao and education minister Sabitha Indra Reddy and others on August 3.

 The screenshot of the video was posted on Twitter with the caption ‘Are they bathing in the kitchen? Or is our food being cooked in restrooms? Can anyone clarify?’   


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