Kerala: One Limb Gets Amputated Every 30 Minutes in the State, Says Study


Kochi, August 6: With vascular diseases on the rise following increase in prevalence of diabetes and other life-style diseases, every 30 minutes one limb gets amputated in Kerala, according to a study conducted by the Vascular Society of Kerala (VASK).

The study pointed out that lack of awareness regarding vascular diseases among the public has led to many people suffering from improper or delayed treatment with devastating complications like loss of limb or life. Hyderabad: 80% of Rural Diabetic Patients Need Amputation of Limbs, Say Doctors.

“A person who is unable to walk adversely impacts the financial stability of the family. Thus, it has become a big social problem too. This is why it is very important for everyone to understand vascular diseases better and get the right treatment on time,” noted the study by VASK.

VASK has also launched a toll-free helpline number for patients for providing proper guidance on treatment. Incidentally, Kerala is known as the diabetes capital of India with a prevalence of diabetes as high as 20 per cent, which is more than double the national average of 8 per cent.

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