National Hydration Day 2022: From Using Hydration App to Filling Plate With Salads, 5 Ways To Stay Hydrated


National Hydration Day is observed every year on June 23. It is a day observed to encourage others to stay hydrated. National Hydration Day was created to honour late football coach Victor Hawkins, who invented a special mouth guard to keep his players healthy on the field. Hydration is very important for a healthy life and is generally overlooked by many. As you celebrate National Hydration Day 2022, we at, have curated a list of 5 ways to keep you hydrated. From ‘Nimbu Paani’ to ‘Chai’, Five Drinks That You Should Definitely Have To Stay Hydrated!

1. Use a Hydration App

Adjust your daily water intake goal and set a reminder for regular intervals. This app will notify you after every short interval and remind you to stay hydrated.

2. Sip Smoothies

Smoothies are a great and healthy way to stay hydrated. You can select your fruits and flavours from a wide range like strawberries, peaches, cucumbers, spinach and blueberries.

3. Freeze Your Fruits

Relive your childhood days, by making popsicles with your favourite fruits. You may blend a hydrating fruit like watermelon and fill popsicle moulds and freeze for one hour. Enjoy the summer season with these popsicles and stay hydrated.

4. Soup it Up

Blend some cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic cloves and make a delicious, hydrating and satisfying soup that will not just keep you full but also hydrated during the summer season.

5. Fill Your Plate With Vegetables

Salads are a healthy way of staying hydrated. Most lettuce green contains at least 94 percent water. You can also include vegetables like tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and carrots which will keep you hydrated.

Staying hydrated keeps your body free from toxins and infections. It is always good to know more and more methods other than just having water to keep yourself hydrated.

Wishing everyone Happy National Hydration Day 2022!

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