‘Wasteful’ Wilko delivers 10 plant pots each in their own giant box


Angie Evans says the ‘recycle me’ labels on the boxes were ‘ironic to say the least’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

A gardener has accused Wilko of ‘absolutely ridiculous waste’ after delivering 10 of the same plant pot each in their own giant box.

The packages, ironically marked ‘recycle me’, formed a seven-foot wall in Angie Evans’ cottage.

She demonstrated how five of the pots could easily be stacked together and would fit into a single box.

After making the order in May with her husband Martin, Angie realised Wilko hadn’t learnt its lesson when the delivery man said he had 10 parcels for her.

‘As soon as he took a box out I thought, “That’s insane. They’ve done it again”, because it also happened last year,’ she explained.

‘I bought 10 plant pots and they came in five boxes, so it wasn’t as bad as this time but still quite wasteful.

‘I was beside myself. I felt like I had to apologise to him but he said he’d had it before with Wilko, where he’d had deliveries of several items spread across multiple boxes.

The delivery man asked: ‘Did you order air? Because these weigh nothing’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘He had to move the boxes around the back of his van all day because there were so many of them.’

Angie, 34, says the delivery man told her: ‘Did you order air? Because these weigh nothing.’

The IT analyst added: ‘He was a bit baffled thinking there was nothing in them. He stacked them up and they filled our living room. They pretty much reached the ceiling.’

Angie was stunned at the ‘insane’ amount of packaging and found the face that each box said ‘recycle me’, ‘ironic to say the least’.

She said: ‘I think they have a responsibility to the environment. As a large company, along with conglomerates like Amazon, they need to change and get on board.

Angie says Wilko will ‘fall behind’ as other companies become more environmentally conscious (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘I can’t understand why they wouldn’t reduce it because I imagine it would cost less for them to actually ship items. I can’t imagine it was cheap sending 10 boxes like that. It’s very inefficient.

‘They need to be environmentally forward, because they will just fall behind if they don’t adapt. I think there’ll be policies put in place for waste in the future, and they should get ahead of the game really.’

After unpacking the boxes, climate-conscious Angie and Martin, 38, then had to dispose of the mountain of packaging responsibly.

‘It took me two days just to build up the courage to unbox them, and then it took me about an hour to get everything unboxed along with all the packaging and recycling,’ said Angie. ‘

‘I also had two recycling bags full of plastic from the packaging that was in the boxes.

Angie demonstrated how five pots could easily be stacked together and fit in one box (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘Then I had to take the boxes up to the bottle bank and put them in the recycling there. As a customer experience it’s painful.

‘I was already feeling a bit guilty for having got plastic, but then to have them arrive in that – I planted a tree the next week in my garden.

‘I love one clothing company because for every order they plant a tree and notify you once it’s planted.

‘So even just doing something that’s more environmentally forward, as a company, is a mentality that everyone should get on board with.’

A spokesperson for Wilko said: ‘We acknowledge there is still more to be done towards reducing unnecessary packaging, and we are working to address this.

‘Customer feedback is valuable to us and this customer’s experience has been shared with the relevant department.’

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