Wolf found dead by roadside, another still missing after Greater Vancouver Zoo escape


The Greater Vancouver Zoo says one of the wolves that escaped an enclosure this week has been found dead on a roadside, and another wolf is still missing.

The zoo in the Aldergrove community of Langley, B.C., has been shut for three days while workers and conservation officers searched for the wolves, which Langley RCMP suspect got loose when someone deliberately damaged the animals’ enclosure.

The zoo’s deputy general manager Menita Prasad says the facility’s perimeter fence and the enclosure that housed nine adult grey wolves and six pups had both been deliberately cut early Tuesday, allowing the escape.

Langley RCMP are investigating what appears to be a case of unlawful entry and vandalism that involved damage to the wolves’ enclosure.

“I can just tell you that there was damage done to the enclosure to allow the wolves to exit. At this point, there’s no surveillance, so we don’t have any information to indicate how they got in or suspect information,” Cpl. Holly Largy said in an interview Wednesday.

Prasad said in a news conference Thursday that searchers were “heartbroken” to find a three-year-old female wolf called Chia dead by the side of 264 Street in Aldergrove.

The zoo’s deputy general manager Menita Prasad tearfully told a news conference on Thursday that searchers were heartbroken” to find a three-year-old female wolf called Chia dead by the side of 264 Street in Aldergrove. (Gian Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

She says Tempest, a one-year-old female wolf, is still missing and believed to be in the vicinity of the zoo.

Prasad says Tempest is a “shy wolf” that poses no threat to public safety but that anyone who sees the animal should not approach her but should call authorities to report the location.

“These wolves were born and raised. This is their home … Tempest, who is out there right now, they’re just trying to get back home. You know, they’re not dangerous,” she said. 

According to Prasad, the zoo plans to reopen on Saturday. 

Anyone who sees the missing wolf is encouraged to keep a safe distance and report the animal immediately to the Report all Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line at 1-877-952-7277.

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